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The Art of Traditional Canalware | Painting onto Pottery Workshop

Only 12
spaces left!
Only 12
spaces left!

12 in stock

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With over 25 years of experience Julia will teach you how to produce a beautifully painted object to be admired by all.
There are so many ways the folk art of canal painting can enhance anything, either for use on a narrowboat, in the home or garden or to give as a gift.

Once you learn the simple technique of painting in layers you will have hours of fun recycling abandoned objects from a car boot sale or your own home!

Firstly you have the fun of selecting an item of pottery from our selection here at Artshed Arts choose from a vase, mug, plate or plant pot* (items many vary and there may be limited stock on some items)

Your chosen item will be base coated by you in the traditional colours, (two or three colours look good, joined where there is a natural rim on the pot).
Once dry we will begin the process of adding the three roses based around three circles, upon these we layer up the paint using a series of colours that have been used for canalware painting for hundreds of years.
Next we add the leaves and Julia will show you how to do a decorative roping effect around the rim.

If time allows there are Forget-Me-Not and Daisies to master which are fun to use on spring projects as well.

Everything will be provided, an item to paint, the paint itself with a choice of 10 colours, brushes and best of all, lots of paper to practise the brush strokes on before we begin.

If you require any more information, please chat to our friendly staff on 01920 466446 or email us enquiries@artshedarts.co.uk.

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