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Clay Memory Imprints | 6″ x 8″

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Would you like your finished imprint Framed?

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Make an appointment for us to create a clay memory imprint of your childs hand and feet

The Imprint

An imprint is an original impression of a hand and foot skilfully taken into very soft clay.

Lovingly Crafted…

Our unique method of colouring and firing the original piece of clay highlights the distinctive detail in your child’s print. Your imprint is the same piece of clay that your child touched. We will prepare 2 raw clay plaques so we can have a practice first. We will use baby wipes to clean your child’s hands and feet prior to making the impression and afterwards. 

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee an image perfect imprint of each hand and foot as it completely depends on your child’s willingness to spread their little fingers and toes and how still they can keep. But in the real world it can be tricky but this should not put you off, we are very relaxed so there’s no pressure, we will ensure you get a lovely keepsake and memory of the special moment. And we’ll always offer you a nice cup of tea or coffee!


Two imprints fit on this size plaque, choose any combination of hands and feet, you may want to have two siblings on the same piece of clay, this is fine, or we can make larger plaque to include more imprints (maybe with the whole family?)

There is a choice of coloured glazes we can use, which can be decided on the day.

Any wording, names and dates can be added onto the clay in your choice of colour.

We can add extra artistic detail if you like, just speak to us about this.


Clay hand and foot Impression Approx. 6” x 8”  (A5 size)£40 (unframed)

If you’d like your imprint framed, this will cost an extra £10, choose from a selection of frames to fit your imprint.

Other sizes are available 8″ x 12″ (A4 Size)  see separate listing…

Or larger plaques available on request.


All impressions are carried out by appointment only, please call 01920 466446 to make an appointment. Alternatively you can add this to the cart and at checkout write down your preferred time slot and we will call you to confirm the booking.


Impression appointments take approx. 30mins. Firing, decorating and framing is carried out by the Artshed team and will take approx. 21 days. We will call you when your piece is ready to collect. 

If you require any more information, please chat to our friendly staff on 01920 466446 or email us enquiries@artshedarts.co.uk.

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