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School Fundraising


Raise funds for your school this Christmas with Artshed Arts

We have a tried and tested Painting on Pottery Christmas Decoration fundraising event for your school, which has the potential to raise hundreds of pounds


Suitable for any age group, from Reception to Year 6, all children enjoy painting on pottery and will love the Christmas designs we have!


Glazed painting on pottery decorations make wonderful, long lasting gifts for anyone – parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, godparents or friends


Price is suitable for parents on any budget


It’s so easy to organise!

  • You can choose the date of the fundraiser, when the children will paint their decorations
  • Artshed will provide the Christmas decorations and pottery paint
  • Return the painted decorations to us after your fundraising day and we will glaze and fire them
  • Collect and then distribute your decorations back to parents in time for Christmas!

How much could you raise?

Each decoration painted will raise £2.00, so for a school with 300 pupils you could easily raise £600

Here’s how it works :

Nett price to the school : £5 per decoration

Price charged to parents : £7 per decoration

= £2 raised per decoration

Some parents may want 2 or 3 decorations, which will boost your funds even more!

The cost of painting one Christmas decoration at the Artshed is £8, so taking part in the fundraiser is actually £1 cheaper than parents would pay coming to us directly. That’s a great incentive to encourage parents to get involved!

Christmas Decoration Designs

We offer 4 designs, which measure approx. 13cm high (including the Angel) 

Decorations pre-painting

Painted Decorations (after glazing & firing)

Pupils can choose any colours to paint their pieces with and will have 8 different colours to choose from : 

red, yellow, blue, green, orange, black, white & pink

The paints can be mixed to create your own colours too!


Contact us for more information and to book your event today!

Tel : 01920 466446          email : enquiries@artshedarts.co.uk